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Welcome to thewebloop!

Our main goal is for our users to create easily editable, freely customizable and yet stable web applications.

After getting started you're thirty seconds away from having your own website!

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In only a few seconds you'll have your very own website up and running for free! Create an account or sign in using facebook in order to quickly get started. Then you'll be given the option to either start your project from scratch, or you can select any of our themes.

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While using our system you'll be able to add any type content we provide into an empty "box" on your current page.

Each theme and any type of content can be completely customized, meaning that you have the option to change the entire theme style however you prefer.

Click the button below to check out the demo version of the system.


We highly appreciate any donation made to us, and as a thank you we'll provide you with a key, or as we call it, a "Golden Key".
When a project is activated with this key you'll get a 1 year commercial free website!

The Golden Key can only be retrieved through a donation to us at atleast $3.99 USD.